What NAICS business category is seed crop?

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Search results for: seed crop

In our database of NAICS Codes there are 15 business, comercials or industrial activities related with your query: seed crop

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111211Vegetable and melon farming, potato dominant crop, field and seed production
111211Vegetable and potato farming, potato dominant crop, field and seed potato production
111998Sorghum sudan seed farming
111998Alfalfa seed farming
111998Bentgrass seed farming
111998Bluegrass-Kentucky seed farming
111998Clover seed farming
111998Crimson cloves seed farming
111998Fescue seed farming
111998Grass seed farming
111998Hay seed farming
111998Orchard grass seed farming
111998Ryegrass seed farming
115114Seed cleaning
115114Seed processing, postharvest for propagation

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