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In our database of NAICS Codes there are 28 business, comercials or industrial activities related with your query: ice cream

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311514Ice cream mix manufacturing
311514Mix, ice cream, manufacturing
311520Custard, frozen, manufacturing
311520Desserts, frozen (except bakery), manufacturing
311520Frozen custard manufacturing
311520Frozen desserts (except bakery) manufacturing
311520Fruit pops, frozen, manufacturing
311520Ice cream manufacturing
311520Ice cream specialties manufacturing
311520Ice milk manufacturing
311520Ice milk specialties manufacturing
311520Ices, flavored sherbets, manufacturing
311520Juice pops, frozen, manufacturing
311520Pudding pops, frozen, manufacturing
311520Sherbets manufacturing
311520Tofu frozen desserts manufacturing
311520Yogurt, frozen, manufacturing
311821Cones, ice cream, manufacturing
311821Ice cream cones manufacturing
332215Kitchen utensils, fabricated metal (e.g., colanders, garlic presses, ice cream scoops, spatulas), manufacturing
333241Ice cream making machinery manufacturing
333318Ice cream vending machines manufacturing
424430Ice cream and ices merchant wholesalers
424430Ice cream merchant wholesalers
424490Ice cream cones merchant wholesalers
445299Ice cream (i.e., packaged) stores
722330Ice cream truck vendors
722515Ice cream parlors

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