List of Industrial and Business Activites that contain RESELLERS and their NAICS Code for each one

Are you looking for NAICS Codes related with RESELLERS topics? Here you can see the whole list of 10 RESELLERS Activities

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In our database we have 10 items that contain the word RESELLERS in the activity description. Each of the topics is grouped into the NACIS Code to which they belong

  • Code 517410
    Satellite Telecommunications
  • Resellers, satellite telecommunication
  • Satellite telecommunication resellers
  • Code 517911
    Telecommunications Resellers
  • Long-distance telecommunication resellers (except satellite)
  • Microwave telecommunication resellers
  • Pre-paid calling cards, telecommunications resellers
  • Resellers, telecommunication (except satellite)
  • Telecommunications resellers
  • Telephone communications resellers (except satellite)
  • Wired telecommunication resellers
  • Wireless telecommunication resellers (except satellite)

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