Industrial activities for NAICS Code 313310: Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills

Whole list of activities for 6-digit NAICS code 313310

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Activities from NAICS code 313310

NAICS code 313310 belongs to Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills industry and they have 36 activities.

Activities List for Textile and Fabric Finishing Mills Industry

  • Bleaching textile products, apparel, and fabrics
  • Broadwoven fabrics finishing
  • Burling and mending fabrics
  • Calendering textile products, apparel, and fabrics
  • Carbonizing textile fibers
  • Carding textile fibers
  • Chemical finishing (e.g., fire, mildew, water resistance) fabrics
  • Combing and converting top
  • Combing textile fibers
  • Converters, piece goods
  • Converting textiles
  • Crease resistant finishing of fabrics
  • Dyeing gloves, woven or knit, for the trade
  • Dyeing textile products and fabrics
  • Embossing textile products and fabrics
  • Fabric finishing
  • Fabric mercerizing
  • Gassing yarn (i.e., singeing)
  • Mechanical finishing of fabrics
  • Mercerizing textile products and fabrics
  • Napping textile products and fabrics
  • Preshrinking textile products and fabrics
  • Printing fabric grey goods
  • Printing textile banners (except screen printing)
  • Printing textile products (except screen and apparel printing)
  • Scouring and combing textile fibers
  • Screen printing fabric grey goods
  • Shrinking textile products and fabrics
  • Sizing of fabrics
  • Sponging textile products and fabrics
  • Stone washing textile products, apparel, and fabrics
  • Sueding textile products and fabrics
  • Teaseling fabrics
  • Textile products finishing
  • Thread finishing
  • Wool tops and noils manufacturing

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