List of activities for Other Direct Selling Establishments Industry with NAICS Code 454390

Industrial activities related to Other Direct Selling Establishments , which have the NAICS Code 454390

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What activities are related with NAICS code 454390?

NAICS code 454390 belongs to Other Direct Selling Establishments industry and they have 19 activities.

Activities List for Other Direct Selling Establishments Industry

  • Bazaars (i.e., temporary stands)
  • Bottled water providers, direct selling
  • Canvassers (door-to-door), headquarters for retail sale of merchandise, direct selling
  • Christmas trees, cut, direct selling
  • Cigarette stands, temporary
  • Coffee-break supplies providers, direct selling
  • Direct selling of merchandise (door-to-door)
  • Door-to-door retailing of merchandise, direct selling
  • Flea markets, temporary location, direct selling
  • Frozen food and freezer meal plan providers, direct selling
  • Fruit stands, temporary
  • Home delivery newspaper routes, direct selling
  • House-to-house direct selling
  • In-home sales of merchandise, direct selling
  • Locker meat provisioners, direct selling
  • Party plan merchandisers, direct selling
  • Produce stands, temporary
  • Street vendors (except food)
  • Water softener service providers, direct selling

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