All activities related with NAICS 6-digit Code 561990

Do you know what industrial activities belongs to 6-digit code 561990?. That code is described as All Other Support Services?

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List of activities for NAICS code 561990

NAICS code 561990 belongs to All Other Support Services industry and they have 29 activities.

Activities List for All Other Support Services Industry

  • Auctioneers, independent
  • Bartering services
  • Bottle exchanges
  • Cloth cutting, bolting, or winding for the trade
  • Coin pick-up services, parking meter
  • Coupon processing services
  • Coupon redemption services (i.e., clearinghouse)
  • Diving services on a contract or fee basis
  • Document shredding services
  • Electrical meter reading services, contract
  • Firefighting services as a commercial activity
  • Flagging (i.e., traffic control) services
  • Float decorating services
  • Gas meter reading services, contract
  • Inventory computing services
  • Inventory taking services
  • License issuing services (except government), motor vehicle
  • Locating underground utility lines prior to digging
  • Lumber grading services
  • Meter reading services, contract
  • Motor vehicle license issuing services, private franchise
  • Museum cataloging services
  • Printing brokers
  • Private volunteer firefighting
  • Tape slitting (e.g., cutting plastic or leather into widths) for the trade
  • Textile cutting services
  • Trading stamp promotion and sale to stores
  • Trading stamp redemption services
  • Water softening and conditioning services

NAICS Code 561990 Hierarchy

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